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A heart to heart interview based exclusive show started in 2011 on Rajya Sabha TV. Guftagoo is an explorative-inquisitive and intimate conversation with celebrated personalities from various fields of Cinema, Theatre, Visual Arts, Literature and Culture.

The show focuses on the life experiences, emotional conflicts, inspirations, struggles that brought out the the real self in them and shaped the way they perceived the world.

Show’s host is Syed Mohd Irfan.

Irfan is an industry veteran with a rich media experience of over three decades. He has been associated with all forms of media from print, radio, television to the digital media.

As a host and media personality Irfan has been the marvelous communicator and and bridge builder known for his knowledge, precision and compassion, as a television host his appeal exists from art  and culture doyen to all people together, evolved.

Guftagoo is an attempt to put together the guest’s concerns, ideas, passions towards his/her fields and reflections on existing time and society. Interspersed with relevant visuals/songs/video clips and inputs from person’s work.

Poet and lyricist Gulzar being interviewed for Guftagoo
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